If you’re looking for a powerful intra-day stock scanner, chances are that you’ve heard of Trade Ideas. This system comes with dozens of pre-installed and pre-formatted, built-in scans. Its available in two packages – standard and premium – all which come with their fair share of merits and demerits. One thing, however, is for sure – TI doesn’t come cheap.

How Much Does Trade Ideas Cost?

This is a subscription-based service which means you’d need to pay a recurring fee to keep using it. For now, you can only apply for a monthly or yearly subscription meaning daily, bi-annually and quarterly subscriptions aren’t currently provided.

The Standard Package costs $1068 per year or $118 per month. Basically, you get a more favorable deal if you opt for the bulk, annual, package as opposed to a monthly fee.

The Premium Package, on the other hand, costs $2268 per year while the monthly plan goes for $228. Ultimately, you’ll access more features and tools if you opt for the premium package and that’s why it’s slightly expensive.

What About The Hidden Charges?

The company has a pretty transparent and straightforward pricing approach. This has helped them to avoid issues of having hidden charges which, to be honest, are quite a turnoff. That said, there still are additional charges that you need to keep in mind when obtaining your subscription.

Exchange Data Fee: This is the first additional cost that applies. The exchange data fee is currently at $10 and is non-refundable. So, if you’re buying the Premium package, you’d need to spend $2278 instead of $2268 due to this fee.

Test Drive Fee: This isn’t really an additional cost but an alternative to those who’d like to try the TI platform for 5 days without having to commit to an annual or monthly plan. This goes for $8.88 although you’d have to submit your email address for shortlisting so you can be a part of the upcoming Test Drive.

Cancellation Fee: What if you subscribe to TI and then a few days down the line decide to cancel your membership? Well, the good news is that TI can always refund your money provided the claim is made within 5 days of initiating an annual subscription. However, one would have to part with a $10 cancellation fee.

Any Freebies?

The free trial program is probably one of the most sought-after packages currently. For an inside scoop of what this trading service provides, you’d need to sign up for an account using either your Facebook or Google account. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the free trial version is a delayed data one.

Along with the free trial, the program comes access to the Live Trading Room hosted by none other than Barrie Einarson. Plus you also get a full access to the Channel Bar which gives you the freedom to customize your trading strategy as you’d like.

Another thing that’s given for “free” on TI is the chatroom although this one is only available to those with an active subscription. So, it really isn’t free of charge because you’d need to part with the subscription bucks in the first place.

And there is one more free goody on this platform and that is the Brokerage Plus platform. However, to access it free of charge, you’ll need to have subscribed to the Premium Package before the 15-th of November 2018. So, you’ll effectively be “grandfathered” into this handy tool. Otherwise, one needs to cough out $100 to access this handy auto-trading tool.

Is This Good Value for Money

The $1068 and $2268 needed to pay for a subscription is by no means pocket change. So, is the amount justifiable considering the kind of features and services offered on the platform? You might be wondering.

Well, the perception of value may vary from one person to the next. Also, this perception may vary depending on your style of trading.

In our opinion, if you’re capable of reacting promptly when the alert bell goes, you can significantly benefit from this package. This is particularly so if you consider how the Holly Grail AI system (available for Premium Subscribers) works.

It basically scours the markets for you and alerts you when it initiates a trade. So, you’d only need to replicate its decisions to make some easy bucks.

As you can see, this saves you the hassle of analyzing the vast markets. There are thousands of stocks being traded at any given time and it’s nearly impossible to go through all of them on a day-to-day basis.
So, this system basically saves your time leaving you to focus on other things and only log in to initiate trades. That way, you can free up more of your time and use it to do something else.

Considering that factor, we’d say that TI, indeed, presents you with an awesome value proposition.

Key Features

Charting Tool: Although TI isn’t mainly a charting tool, it offers you the chance to track up to 20 simultaneous charts. You get the freedom to edit those charts and to enlarge or minimize them as you’d wish.

  • Price Alerts: No matter the tier you settle for, you’ll stand to get up to 500 price alerts per trading day. And if 500 alerts per day sound like too much, you can always customize the system so it only filters the most relevant alerts for you.
  • Live Trading Room: This doubles up as a mentorship opportunity by Barrie Einarson one of the best-known stock trading gurus of today. Best of all, this package is available on both the standard and premium packages.
  • Artificial Intelligence: TI is one of the premier companies to provide Software as a Service (SaaS) targeting stock traders. And although this service is exclusively available to premium subscribers, it holds a great promise pertaining to the future of intra-day trading.
  • Backtesting Tool: What if you could double-check your trades without risking your cash? The oddsmaker backtesting tool is meant to help you avoid unpleasant surprises in the markets. And it also comes as part and parcel of the Premium Subscription package.

Final Thoughts

Trade Ideas isn’t perfect but it’s certainly close to that. And although its pricing may seem a bit too high for anyone on a tight budget, we think that this investment has the power to pay itself back in a few months – depending on the size of your trading account. But in order for that to happen, you’d need to be proactive and fast in reacting to the trade alerts.